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Coolant Leak in 2002 Jeep Liberty (Video)

Jeep Liberty Coolant Leak

Have you ever had a car that ran low on coolant? Or perhaps a car that overheated without warning? Coolant leaks are an indicator of a serious problem in any car. In this video, we see a 2002 Jeep Liberty that was constantly running low on coolant. The owners never saw any leaking on the ground, so they were stumped. They brought the Jeep into Convoy Auto Repair to see what the problem was, and we discovered there was indeed a leak - just not where they thought! Coolant works together with the car's radiator to make sure the engine doesn't get too hot. Overheating can damage an engine to the point that's it's unusable, especially if you keep driving when it's overheating. The water pump, fan, and serpentine belts are crucial components of your engine that allow it to function properly in rough terrain (such as going up the mountains on the 15 in August). Taking care of these components means your car will be able to take care of you.

This is why it's so important to be on top of your car's maintenance. By simply checking your fluid levels, such as your coolant levels, you can prevent major damage to your engine. Your auto mechanic will be checking these for you when your car is in for maintenance or repairs, but checking them yourself (when you're refilling windshield wiper fluid, for example) can help you catch a problem before it's done damage. Make an appointment for any heating and cooling maintenance and repairs for your vehicle, and our ASE certified auto repair technicians will take great care of your car.

Transcript:So here we are today with a 2002 Jeep Liberty - a very popular vehicle - and we discovered this vehicle has a very slow coolant leak. They never saw it leaking on the ground, it just continues to be low on coolant. After a long period of time what we ultimately found here is we have a radiator that's got a hairline crack in it. And if you look at this crack we have a little bit of pressure underneath it, and you can see where it's slowly starting to ooze right there. So, as this vehicle's being driven, that crack expands more and more and eventually it starts losing coolant and then can lead to some pretty serious engine problems from overheating. So, if you have to add coolant to your car, that's a sign that you're leaking somewhere, because it should never run low. Have your vehicles checked out if you're running low on coolant. 


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