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Car Needs On the Go? There’s an App For That!

Nowadays in the world of smart phones, there is an app for, well, pretty much everything. Some that come in handy for daily use are those for your automobile. Here are a few noteworthy apps for improving everyday travels.

1. iExit

This situation has happened to us all before: you are driving in an unknown place and all of the sudden you need gas, get hungry, or need a restroom and have no idea where to go! With iExit, find out what is located at each exit that comes along on the interstate. From hotels to eateries to gas stations and more, this app will find the right stop to fulfill your needs. one

2. Parker

As the weather in San Diego get warmer, the crowds get bigger. For those beach days in PB and baseball games downtown, finding a parking spot can be a nightmare. That’s where Parker comes in. This app includes live on street parking availability, lot and garage information, and parking prices. Some other features include search filters, voice guidance, and parking reservations. With this app, minimal parking spaces will be no problem.


3. GasBuddy

As the summer gas prices are constantly fluctuating, it’s easy to miss a good deal. That’s why GasBuddy is a great app to find prices offered by nearby gas stations. This free app will save you time and money the next time you fill your tank.


4. RepairPal

Maintenance is key to extending an automobile’s lifetime. Downloading the RepairPal app is great for helping you focus on the needs of your car. This app can help find mechanics, repair prices, roadside support and allows for repair tracking. Using this app helps you stay updated on your vehicle’s needs and prevents problems later down the road.


These are just a few apps to get your car rolling in the right direction. While taking advantage of these tools for automobile assistance, don’t forget to practice safe driving habits!

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