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Car Lover's Gift Ideas!

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Car Lover's Gift Ideas!

Want to get a gift for the person who has everything? Why not treat their car to some new gadgets! Check this list for some great gifts for car lovers. And as always, don’t forget you can gift your car and yourself with services from Convoy Auto Repair! 

Digital Tire Gauge

Give your car-loving friend a digital tire gauge for Christmas. This will allow them to keep track of the pressure in their tires and ensure that they're not doing anything to damage them. Especially as weather changes become prominent here in San Diego, you’ll likely need to do some tire investigation. 


A digital tire gauge is super easy to use, and it's small enough that it can fit in any glove compartment. It's also easy to read, so you won't have to squint or strain your eyes when checking the measurements.


It's a great gift idea because it's practical and valuable. This gift is perfect if you know someone who loves working on their car or just enjoys driving!

Car Maintenance Calendar 

A car calendar will help you keep track of maintenance schedules and any other dates that are important to you. Each month has a space for each day, so you can write in the date and any important information. It usually also has a section that reminds you of preventive maintenance–how often to check your tires, your windshield wipers, change your oil, and so on. 

Organizer Gifts 

An organizer can also keep everything where it belongs—no more digging through piles of junk on the floorboards of your trunk! This not only makes for easier cleaning but also ensures comfort by keeping valuables out of harm's way between rides (like, say...a cell phone put in a cell phone holder before a drive begins!).

Air Freshener

And no, we don't mean the ninety-nine-cent ones!


Today, you can find dozens of beautiful car ornaments refillable with your car-loving friend's favorite scent. An air freshener is a great gift for anyone who appreciates the scent of their car. Air fresheners are easy to install and come with different scents. You can also put them in your home or office!

A Car Ornament

This holiday season, give the gift that says you care about your friends and family. Make them a personalized ornament that will remind them of you every time they look at it.

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