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Best New Restaurants in Kearny Mesa

Ramen Up Close

Kearny Mesa is an exciting place to be right now, especially if you like to eat. Even though we here at Convoy Auto Repair have been in Kearny Mesa for 39 years already, it’s still exciting to see fresh new faces in our neighborhood. And it’s even better when these new faces are cooking up some of the best food in San Diego. Read on and say hello to the best new restaurants in Kearny Mesa.

Nishiki Ramen

8055 Armour Street, Suite 201A

This one is for the noodle lovers out there. Highly regarded Japanese ramen restaurant Nishiki Ramen is opening up its very first US location right down the street from us in Kearny Mesa. What makes Nishiki Ramen different than every other ramen shop? They make their own noodles in their own noodle room (a San Diego first), and all their ingredients are MSG and preservative-free, which means that their ramen has all the flavor you could ask for, and it's better for you. Their grand opening was only on October 4th, so get down there before the crowds find out!


Adjacent to RakiRaki at 4646 Convoy Street

While this isn’t open just yet, the owners of RakiRaki Ramen & Tsukemen have announced that they’re planning on launching a new poke restaurant adjacent to their current location. Pokiritto will feature handheld “sushi burritos” with marinated ahi tuna wrapped up in special sushi rice and seaweed. You can also get these fusion burritos filled with pork tonkatsu, Peking duck, chicken, or vegetarian fillings. Other planned offerings include poke tacos, rice bowls, and salads. Stay tuned for more info about this exciting new spot!

Tasty Noodle House

4646 Convoy Street, Suite 110

Beloved Orange County restaurant Tasty Noodle House has moved into Kearny Mesa this summer and we couldn’t be happier. Tasty Noodle House specializes in northern Chinese cuisine, including soup dumplings, pan-fried rice cakes, and battered fish filets, but everything on the menu here is delicious. Just make sure to try the pork buns when you do make your first visit, because one taste and you’ll be sure to come back again and again.


4620 Convoy Street

This wildly popular South Korean coffee chain already has over 1,600 locations worldwide but has chosen to make its US debut on Convoy Street here in Kearny Mesa. Caffebene’s coffee is medium roasted, and they also feature smoothies and misugaru (a slightly sweet Korean drink made from black and brown rice, black sesame, barley, and black beans). They serve some savory food, but they mostly offer sweet treats with their coffee, such as Belgian waffles, gelato, shaved ice parfaits, and cakes.

Dumpling Inn and Shanghai Saloon

4625 Convoy Street

Okay, this isn’t exactly a brand new opening, but Dumpling Inn has recently moved into a new space next door and opened Shanghai Saloon, a cocktail bar that lies within Dumpling Inn’s new locations. Everything that you loved about Dumpling Inn before has been brought to its impressive new space, so you should definitely find some time in your schedule to come by and check it out.

Kearny Mesa is an exciting and vibrant community of San Diego and we here at Convoy Auto Repair are excited to be located in the heart of it. So come by for a complete car checkup and explore the best new restaurants in Kearny Mesa while you wait. Contact Convoy Auto Repair today to find out more.

Image: Flickr via Terry Robinson


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