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Best Gyms in Kearny Mesa for Your New Year's Fitness Resolution


The New Year is the time to start good habits and set all new goals. For most people, their top resolution is to get into shape and be more fit. This is an excellent resolution, as staying active and healthy will pay off in many other areas of life.

Kearny Mesa is known for having some of the best gyms and exercise facilities in San Diego. Now’s the time to get started on a new fitness program! Here are some of the best gyms in Kearny Mesa near us here at Convoy Auto Repair.

CrossFit ATR

4250 Pepsi Dr.

CrossFit has gained popularity as an effective means of getting into shape. It involves intense workouts consisting of mixed exercises (cardio, sprints, agility drills, weights, etc.). The workouts are called “WOD’s”—Workout of the Day—and change on a daily basis to keep your body guessing.

CrossFit ATR in Kearny Mesa is a great place to join if you want to get into CrossFit this year. The ATR (“Athletic Training Redefined”) gym has plenty of space and equipment, and is described as more of a community than a gym. The community of members and instructors can help keep you on track to your goals. CrossFit ATR also holds events and informational seminars.

NXPT Fitness Studio

8148 Ronson Rd.

Fitness boot camps can also provide quick results. These are similar to CrossFit as they involve a mix of cardio and strength exercises. However, they tend to focus more on calisthenics and bodyweight exercises.

Boot camp routines are conducted in a large group (like boot camp!), with an instructor leading the group. This group dynamic can help people feel more comfortable and stay consistent during the workout. If you’re interested in boot camps, NXPT Fitness Studio has been voted the #1 Boot Camp in San Diego for several years in a row now.

Art of 8 Training and Fitness Center

8623 Spectrum Center Blvd.

This is a martial arts gym that specializes in boxing and Muay Thai training. They also teach kickboxing, jujitsu, and MMA. Martial arts training is one of the most challenging forms of training for the body, and has very practical applications as well. It also teaches valuable disciplines like respect and courtesy. The Art of 8 gym also has multiple heavy bags, a full sized boxing ring, and tons of fitness equipment as well.

24 Hour Fitness Super Sport

7715 Balboa Ave.

This is your classic mega-gym set up—it’s got everything you need, from weights to cardio equipment, basketball/racquetball courts, and more. They even have a lap pool, sauna, and steam room. As a Super Sport gym, this location has tons of space. And the best part—it’s 24 hours!

Pro-Fit Studio

4805 Mercury St., Ste. I

Pro-Fit is a smaller gym studio that focuses more on personal training and client-specific programs. They offer nutrition counseling, group classes, functional sports training, and weight-loss challenge programs. If you’re looking for a more intimate gym setup with more hands-on direction, check out Pro-Fit.  

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