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Auto Repair and New College Students - What They Need to Know

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Car Care and the College Student

Understanding the basics of auto care and auto repair is essential for any car owner to ensure they get the most out of their vehicle. For new college students, on their own for the first time and away from home, basic car maintenance skills and being able to recognize a serious problem in their vehicle can save both time and money. When it comes to maintenance, parents need to provide their fledgling car owner with information about how to check tire pressure and oil levels as well as issues relating to tire wear.

Knowing When Service is Needed

Students also need to know when they can’t fix a problem on their own. Make sure the car has its owner’s manual and that your young driver knows when it needs to be taken in for service and it is good idea to find a body shop that located near campus that can be used for both regular maintenance and repairs. Having a vehicle is a great convenience for college students, but they need to know when preventative maintenance is all that is needed, and when auto repair is the right choice.

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