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Monthly Archives: October 2020

The Effects of Ash on Your Air Filter

As California residents, we know that wildfires are inundating our state, and we are dealing with the effects of these raging fires -- fire and ash. Not only does the ash and smoke affect us, but it affects our vehicles too, especially your cabin air filter. You can think of your vehicle’s cabin air filter as your vehicle’s lungs, and when your car is struggling to breathe, your risk of breathing in contaminated air is significantly higher.  Your cabin air filter is responsible for keeping the air in your vehicle clean and contaminant-free. When your cabin air filter is dirty, you might find yourself breathing in more smoke, ash, dust, pollen, and other debris. When a cabin air filter is freshly installed in your vehicle, the filter will be pristine and sparkling white. However, when your filter is infiltrated with smoke and ash, your cabin air filter darkens, practically to black.  A dirty, ash-filled cabin air filter doesn’t just affect your vehicle&rsqu ... read more


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