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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Daylight Savings is Ending: Time to Check Your Headlights

Daylight Savings is Ending: Time to Check Your Headlights

You know what November means! Time to start to preparing for the holidays. Before you rush over to the mall for some early Christmas shopping, don’t about daylight savings. With daylight savings, your clock, essentially, falls back one hour. What this means for us is darker days and longer nights. Dusk will occur one hour later, which usually means it will be much darker during the hours of our evening commutes from work to home.  Before daylight savings is officially here, and we find ourselves unpleasantly surprised with broken or damaged headlights in the dire dusk of the evening commute, stop by Convoy Auto Repair for an inspection. If your car’s lights are not functioning as they should, you can endanger, not only yourself, but your passengers and other drivers on the road. When the sun goes down, pedestrians might not even be able to see an approaching vehicle with dim lights.  Our team at Convoy Auto Repair will inspect each one of your vehicle’s li ... read more


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