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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Beach Tips for San Diego Drivers

Beach Tips for San Diego Drivers

A fun summer activity is driving on the beach, and as most of us seasoned drivers, we have cruised across all sorts of terrain. Yet, one of the most tricky surfaces to navigate is sand! San Diego is home to many beautiful beaches, and if you are looking to hit the waves, or shall we say sands, this summer, we recommend reading over these safety tips for beach drives:  4-wheel drive is a must! If you are in a sandy situation, 4-wheel drive makes getting out of the jam much easier.  Pack lightly. The heavier your vehicle the more it will sink into the sand.  Before you go, lighten your tire pressure. This way, your tires can roll a little easier. Reduced tire pressure will provide more traction, so you can move easier across the sand.  Stay close to the water! The region between the high tide line and the water is the perfect place to drive, as the sand is packed the hardest.  Keep an eye on the tide. Because it is best to stay close to the water, you w ... read more


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