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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Make Sure to Stay on the Straight and Narrow -- The Importance of Alignment

It is easy to take our vehicle for granted. We put our key into the ignition, step on the gas, turn the wheel, quickly and safely get to our destination, but a lot happens behind the scenes. From your wheel alignment to your braking system to even your oil, each component ensures your vehicle performs best, and your wheel alignment is an integral part of your vehicle’s overall safety and driveability.  Your tires and wheels can become easily misaligned because of road conditions, hitting a significant bump in the road, or even a minor accident. Typically, your front wheels are more vulnerable to becoming more misaligned, but it does happen to your rear wheels. It is quite easy to tell when your vehicle is misaligned -- your car will pull one way or another. You will take your hands off the steering wheel, and your vehicle will veer to the left or the right. You might also feel a vibration in the steering wheel if your wheels are misaligned.  Wheel alignments are imper ... read more


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