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American Car Myths: BUSTED (Part 2)

Chevy Nova

Last week we attacked some of the most popular myths about American cars and totally BUSTED them. We rounded up the 10 most widely believed myths about American-made cars that car buyers still believe and present the evidence that proves they're all talk. This week, we have the second half of our car myths ready for busting! Adam and Jamie would be proud. Myth 6: All three companies would have gone under completely without Government aid—This may have been so in the case of Chrysler and GM (and even they paid off their aid in record time) but Ford took no Government aid, borrowing instead against everything the company owned - including its own logo. This paid off and now Ford is running a huge profit on its own and paying off its debts. Myth 7: Quality may have improved but none of the Big Three are True Innovators—No automaker has innovated new technology more than Ford with seat belt mounted airbags, the innovative Sync system and more counting towards that firm’s leadership in new technology. General Motors is the first automaker among the Big Three to introduce a diesel compact car with its hugely popular Chevy Cruze and Chrysler has become a leader in interior quality. Add to that OnStar and the fact that Ford pretty much invented the car as we know it and innovation is absolutely something American cars have. Myth 8: GM, Ford and Chrysler are only cars people from the Midwest buy—This used to be the case but Ford especially is seeing its cars make huge inroads into the once import-heavy California market. And since General Motors and Chrysler both have begun to market their cars more than their trucks they too have seen their sales skyrocket on the coasts. The Chevy Volt is also huge in dense California cities, thanks to its affordability and incredible range. Myth 9: The majority of vehicles that the Big Three sell are SUVs, Crossovers and Pick-ups—For the first time in history General Motors now sells more cars than it does pick-up trucks and SUVs. This trend was started by the Chevy Cruze, which has sold over two million copies since it went on sale. All three are seeing more growth than foreign brands in all car types. Myth 10: The Big Three Don’t Even Build Many of their vehicles in the United States—Sure, the Big Three do have quite a few manufacturing sites in Canada and Mexico but that doesn't mean most of their parts aren't sourced from the United States. Also, all of the Big Three’s headquarters are located in the United States. Check out our break-down of what it means to buy American for more clarification. BONUS Myth 11: Resale Values for the Big Three always lag behind the competition—As quality improves and styling has become more of a vital aspect of Big Three car design residual values have soared. Big Three residuals also are higher than those of South Korean competitors who rely too heavily on their ten year/100,000 mile warranty, which is only applicable to the first owner. Clearly, there are a lot of myths out there about American cars, and too many buyers are selling themselves short when it comes to their purchasing decisions. At Convoy Auto Repair, we take care of cars from all makes, but we also want our customers to know they have plenty of options. Image courtesy of Soublet Photography


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