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All About Monster Trucks

All About Monster Trucks

One of America’s favorite past times is monster truck spectating. Along with motor cross, tractor-pulls, and drag racing, monster truck events are some of the most popular auto-related extreme sports, and monster truck events have been delighting audiences since the 1970s. These mighty vehicles represent the pinnacle of creativity, design, and extreme performance.

There are always monster truck shows going on in San Diego, so be sure to check local listings for event dates and times. Keep reading to learn more about this awesome section of the automobile industry!

History of Monster Trucks

The development and creation of monster trucks can be traced back to the 1970s, when truck drivers started modding and altering their trucks for performance and looks. Many truck owners began lifting their trucks for events like mud-bogging and “biggest truck” competitions. Larger and larger tires became the hallmark of these super-modded beasts.

Eventually, some of these “monster truckers” began driving over old cars to crush them, and monster trucking was born. They remain popular to this day, and are also iconic in the video game and remote control car industries.

Styles of Competition for Monster Trucks

Modern monster trucks resemble more of a dune buggy in inner construction, though they retain the iconic truck body shape on the outside. Depending on the specific competition or event, the truck may be further modded to suit the competition and entertainment needs.

Monster trucks can involve a number of different competition styles such as:

  • Timed race (solo flight)
  • Side by side races
  • Freestyle (performing tricks, donuts, etc.)

The course will usually feature obstacles, cars for crushing, tight turns, and jumps, to add to the spectator excitement.

Monster Truck Specs

Most monster trucks feature (with some variations):

  • Custom-built tubular chassis
  • Highly advanced four link suspension with up to 4 feet of clearance
  • Rear-mounted engines, typically supercharged with a displacement of up to 575 cubic inches
  • Axles taken from heavy-duty military vehicles or buses
  • Four wheel hydraulic steering
  • High grade tires typically used on farming tractors and fertilizers
  • Custom transmission (often a Ford C6 or Turbo 400)
  • Heavy duty gears and brakes
  • Entire systems dedicated to driver and spectator safety

Thus, monster trucks are truly marvels of the automobile engineering and “modding” industry, and they are continually evolving in terms of looks, performance, and safety.

Famous Monster Trucks

Here are some of the most popular monster trucks in the history of the sport:

  • Bigfoot—Iconic blue ford truck, one of the first to do it
  • Grave Digger—Big Foot’s rival
  • Jurassic Attack—Shaped like a triceratops
  • Air Force Afterburner (pictured above)
  • Maximum Destruction
  • USA-1—Another classic, iconic monster truck dating back to the late 1970’s
  • Batman—Sports a replica of the Batmobile body

Monster trucks have been around for decades now, and it looks like they’re here to stay for a good long while. Like any fine vehicle, they need constant maintenance, repair, and upgrading.

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