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AC Troubleshooting: How to Tell if Your AC Needs Replacing

When the AC in your car stops working, it can be hard to quickly identify the problem. Is it the condenser? The compressor? Does it just need a recharge? Does the belt need adjusted? The surest way to know is to grab a friend, pop the hood, and start AC troubleshooting your car's AC problems! (Or, barring that, bring it in and we’ll do the troubleshooting for you.)

Car AC Troubleshooting


Image: Pixabay

  Step 1: Determine the exact problem your AC is having. Is your AC blowing hot air? Blowing cooler air, but not cold air on max AC? Now blowing air at all? Not engaging at the motor? All of these problems have a different fix, and it’s important to know which issue you’re looking at. Step 2: Check for leaks - Leaks are the number one problem that plagues car AC systems. Holes in the condenser, old hoses, and broken hose clamps can often be the root of your problem. While leaks that stem from the hoses or clamps are an easy fix, holes in the condenser might require a more extensive repair. Step 3: Check the compressor - Is the clutch on your compressor engaging? Whining noises, squeaks, and ratcheting sounds can all indicate a compressor that needs lubrication or replacement. AC issues can be a hassle, especially in the summer. If you’re having summer AC trouble, make an appointment and we’re happy to do the hard work for you! The more you can tell us about the specific issues you’re having with your AC, the easier it will be for us to find and fix the problem--getting you back on the road in comfort.


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