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7 Super Fun Automotive Jobs


Many people don’t realize just how expansive the automobile industry is. It encompasses a very wide range of professions and jobs, and overlaps with so many other industries. Landing a job in the automotive industry can be extremely fun and rewarding, and requires a combination of different skills and talents. Here’s a list of 7 super fun automotive jobs to consider.

1) Classic Car Restoration

This is a niche field, but thanks to all the TV car restoration shows, more people are getting involved. It can be fun and rewarding to take a junky car and transform it. What does this job require? An “eye” for spotting the promising cars that might make a good restoration. If you hone in on that ability, the entire process makes for a satisfying and entertaining career.

2) Car Designer

Designing a car requires an ability to combine beauty and functional physics. It’s one thing to design a stationary building; it’s another thing to design a working, moving, functioning work of art. Designers also need to consider factors like current trends and adaptations of previous models. If you want to get into car design, you'll need a keen eye on trends and a knowledge of physics at the very least.

3) Car Video Game Designer

Video games are getting more realistic every year. Auto racing simulators are close to the forefront when it comes to graphics. Driving physics are getting closer and closer to the real thing (check out the Forza line of games). The game designers need to work hand-in-hand with car engineers, and this can be a fun thing for both sides. Most of these video games also require in-depth knowledge of car stats, models, makes, and designs. It's a perfect gig if you already have plenty of auto industry experience.

4) Automotive Industry Journalist

The auto industry is one of the fastest-changing in the market. Every season, new cars and products are being tested and released on the market. For a journalist, this type of fast-paced turnover is a dream. There are plenty of car shows and events to cover, and recalls and lawsuits to report. It’s a good mix of writing, stats, and current events. Plus, you'll likely get to travel frequently. You'll need writing skills, people skills, and the drive (no pun intended) to stay on top of news.

5) Test Driver

Get exposure to all wide range of vehicles before they’re released to the public, and provide information to increase performance and safety ratings for a model. Pro tip: things start to get really interesting if you’re test driving super cars or advanced prototype models. You'll need your license and the ability to see every car with a keen eye and plenty of consumer knowledge.

6) Electrical Engineer

More and more cars are integrating electrical parts, and many cars have already gone completely electric. The frontier to develop new electrical automotive technology is super exciting right now. In particular, autonomous driving is a fun and exciting field being developed at the moment. You'll need knowledge and experience for this one.

Side note: as cars become more computer-integrated, we expect to see more interaction between the auto industry and computer programming jobs.

7) Mechanic

Of all the automobile jobs, auto mechanic remains one of the most satisfying, rewarding, and sought-after job positions. Mechanic skills are immediately useful for one’s own personal life, and the opportunities for advancement and self-employment are abundant as well. This is the perfect fun job for those who love to problem-solve and suggest improvements for customers.

At Convoy Auto Repair, we love our jobs, and it shows. All of our mechanics and specialists are fully certified and are ready to help you keep your car in top shape. Our team is proud of the many different certifications and awards we’ve earned over the years as we continually perfect our craft. Stop by San Diego’s favorite auto repair shop today for a complete car check-up and other top-quality services.


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