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7 Best Kearny Mesa Sushi Spots Near Convoy Auto Repair

7 Best Kearny Mesa Sushi Spots Near Convoy Auto Repair

The Convoy area in Kearny Mesa has recently experienced an influx of restaurants, dessert cafes, and karaoke bars. This has caused the scene to thrive and bustle with an eclectic fusion of different foods and dining experiences. This week, we’ll be focusing in on the best sushi spots in Kearny Mesa near Convoy Auto Repair.

Sushi is great for a quick pick-me-up snack, a light lunch, or a lively dining experience with friends and loved ones. Check out these 7 delicious Kearny Mesa sushi spots :

Katzra Sushi

4233 Convoy St.

This is a favorite go-to sushi spot for Kearny Mesa locals. Unique at Katzra are the no-rice protein rolls (try the Burrito Roll), Chef rolls (the Padres roll is great), and of course baked rolls (try the Lobster crunch). The lunch combo Bento boxes are also excellent if you’re looking for a more complete meal.  

Kula Revolving Sushi

4609 Convoy St. Ste F

This place is truly revolutionary! Rather than floating sushi boats, Kula uses mechanized conveyor belts to deliver your sushi orders right to your table! Each table has a computer screen, where you simply tap which roll you want. There’s also a constant stream of sushi on the belt that you can grab as it passes by. There may be less of a selection than other traditional sushi bars, but for the experience and concept alone, it’s not to be missed.

Sushi Deli 3
7986 Armour St.

This is another go-to sushi bar for a quick bite. Try their Island Breeze Roll (shrimp tempura, salmon, mango sauce, and other toppings) or the 7 Spices Seared Tuna Roll. They also have a pretty impressive drink menu and, like most other places, great lunch combo selections as well.

Nozomi Sushi and Teriyaki
4637 Convoy St.

Nozomi has a large selection of fresh and baked sushi rolls, as well as individual sushi choices. Besides their rolls, they have a particularly yummy noodle selection. We recommend the Seafood Yakisoba noodles or spicy seafood ramen. If needed, they also provide party trays and catering services as well.

Sushi Dokoro Shirahama
4212 Convoy St.

This is the place to go for traditional sushi. They use grated wasabi (a rarity), not the powdered stuff. Sushi Dokoro Shirahama serves very high-quality and fresh fish ingredients. It's not your average “rolls” spot; only actual, authentic sushi is served here. Toro, uni, abalone, and jumbo clam are just some of the exquisite items served at Shirahama. They also have one of the widest range of sakes of all the sushi bars in the area. Be warned—it is quite pricey, but once you experience it, you’ll see why.

Ichiro’s Happy Restaurant

4344 Convoy St.

If you’re looking for something a bit more hip and upscale, Ichiro’s is the place. Some interesting choices here include the Pizza Roll and the Aloha Roll (spicy tuna). They also serve local San Diego craft brew on tap. Ichiro features good quality sushi rolls, bento boxes, and great service, as well.

Fusion Izakaya 52
4367 Convoy St.

Fusion Izakaya 52 has been described as “Japanese tapas”. They have a great selection of smaller dishes that you can stock up on without getting immediately full. Try their bulgogi fries, halibut sashimi, or the tuna sushi. The deep fried rolls are nicely sized, and all the rolls go for a great price.

These are some of our favorite choices when it comes to fresh sushi in the Convoy St. area. All of them are right down the block or around the corner from us here at Convoy Auto Repair in Kearny Mesa. Stop by before or after your meal in the area for a complete car check up that’s fast, efficient, and sure to keep your car running in its best shape.


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