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5 Things to Always Have in Your Car

Are you prepared for some common scenarios that could come up with your car or on the road? Here are 5 things to always have in your car for a “just in case” situation, or to be a handy helper for someone else.

5 Things to Always Have in Your Car

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Tire Pressure Gauge Not sure if your tire is leaking? Pull out your gauge and keep an eye on it! You should be keeping your tires properly inflated and checking pressures regularly, but if you think a tire might be leaking, checking the pressure every morning can help you decide if you have a hole that needs repaired, or if it was just an optical illusion.

Jumper Cables It happens to everyone. It’s a rainy morning,  you leave your lights on after the drive in to work, and by the afternoon your battery is dead. If you have jumper cables in your car, it’s as easy as popping back into the office to ask if anyone can give you a jump. Without them, you might be stuck waiting for AAA or a tow truck to come and get your car started. Plus, actually having jumper cables when someone else needs a boost gets you major brownie points (and maybe real brownies the next day!).

First Aid Kit If you’re lucky, you only ever end up needing the band-aids and the generic aspirin. If you’re less lucky, you’ll be happy to have the other things that make up a good vehicle first aid kit, such as the gauze, rubber gloves, tweezers, stomach-soothing medicines, or small splints. Some motion-sickness remedies might not be so bad, either.

Flashlight If you’ve ever tried to jump start your car at night or find something you dropped just outside the car, you’ll know the value of having a flashlight in the glove box. Hiking headlamps can be a useful, hands-free alternative to a regular flashlight, especially if you find yourself under the hood of your car frequently.

Spare Tire Almost every car has one, but when was the last time you inspected yours? As your car ages, so does your spare tire. It won’t do you much good to get a flat only to discover that your spare tire has no air or has severe dry rot. Not sure if your spare needs to be replaced? At Convoy Auto Repair, we’re happy to inspect your spare and let you know if it needs attention.


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