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5 Best Fast Food Spots in Kearny Mesa

Banh Mi sandwich on wood table

No matter where you work, having a go-to fast food lunch spot is important for short lunch breaks.

Kearny Mesa’s finest employees at Sharp and SDG&E are constantly are on the lookout for new spots that are as tasty as a fine dining restaurant and as fast as our complete car checkup at Convoy. That’s why we’ve decided to help out our neighborhood workers (and anyone else in need of some quick eats in Kearny Mesa) with this list of the 5 best fast food spots in Kearny Mesa.

Bento Box from Nijiya Market

3860 Convoy Street

There is no meal that is more designed for on-the-go than a bento box from Nijiya Market. All you need to do is just run in and grab one of these pre-packaged boxes of deliciousness. A bento box is simply a box filled with a starch (almost always rice), something that goes with rice (like teriyaki chicken, spicy pork, etc.), and sometimes salad. These are perfect lunchtime boxes that you can easily take back to the office or eat on the go.

Mama’s Grill

7420 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #120

Nothing says quick eats like a classic deli sandwich, and nowhere in Kearny Mesa does it better than Mama’s Grill. Don’t be lured in by the Jersey Mike’s chain next door. Instead, head to this locally-owned sandwich spot that churns out amazing sandwiches like the Jerk Surfer, Buffalo Benny, or Goofy Chipotle Chicken Gouda. Locals call it one of the best sandwich places in San Diego and rave about their “addictive” cole slaw.

Cali Baguette Express

4425 Convoy Street, #200A

Want something different from your quick sandwich experience? Try Cali Baguette Express for some delicious and budget-friendly bahn mi from this spot on Convoy Street. They bake their own bread here, so you know you are getting some top-notch baguettes. They are then filled with the usual fillings: cilantro, cucumber, pickled carrot and daikon, and thin jalapenos. From there you pick your main filling from BBQ pork (a perennial favorite), rotisserie chicken, and Asian sausage (amongst many others) and you’re on your way.

Food Court at Mitsuwa Market

4240 Kearny Mesa Road

This isn’t your standard food court fare. At Mitsuwa Market there are only two shops in the food court but both are way better than anything you’d get at your nearest mall. Kayaba Japanese Restaurant does excellent rice bowls and tonkatsu (panko-crusted fried pork), which are all served with a fantastic mashed potato side salad.Santouka Ramen is also located here and holds its own against some of the more publicized ramen shops opening in San Diego recently. Their tonkotsu ramen is a definite must-try.

In-N-Out Burger

4375 Kearny Mesa Road

While In-N-Out Burger obviously isn’t a Kearny Mesa exclusive like the other restaurants on this list, it still shines as one of the best fast food spots in Kearny Mesa. Fresh, reliable, and tasty burgers that are ready in a hurry, In-N-Out fits everything you could want in a fast food spot. Our tip: make sure to add pickles to your burger.

Kearny Mesa is a place where fast-food dreams are made with so many different spots that serve up delicious food in a mega hurry. We’ve taken our neighbors to heart and to make sure every trip to Convoy Auto Repair is as quick and easy as getting fast food from one of these top 5 spots. Contact us today to learn more about our complete car checkup special or any of the many other services that we offer.

Image: Flickr via Andrea_Nguyen


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