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10 Reasons Your Next Car Should Be a Ford

10 Reasons Your Next Car Should be a Ford

Everybody knows the name.

Ford is one of the original car manufacturers with a storied history integral to the industrial revolution, and have remained one of the most popular car makers since the beginning. Just look around next time you drive and you’ll notice so many Fords on the road! But why should you go out and buy a Ford yourself? Here are the 10 reasons why your next car should be a Ford.

1) It’s Supporting an American Business

While buying a Ford isn’t exactly the same as shopping at a mom-and-pop establishment in your neighborhood, buying a Ford is still supporting an American business. So if you want to buy a car as patriotic as you are, you can’t do any better than buying a Ford.

2) Fuel Efficiency Gains

With the introduction of their new Ford EcoBoost engines, Ford has made big strides towards greater fuel economy in all of their cars and trucks. Ecoboost engines use a turbocharged direct injection system to get the most horsepower it can with a smaller displacement that keeps fuel consumption low, so you’ll notice your wallet feeling a little fuller.

3) Safety Features

Ford is one of the standard-setters for safety amongst all car manufacturers with innovations such as lane departure warnings. Ford’s safety innovations have proven their worth according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety because Ford cars and trucks have gotten consistently high scores on their safety tests.

4) Record of Reliability

Take it from us, the people that repair the broken cars of the world, that Ford cars and trucks are some of the most reliable out there. So if you’re looking for a car that will get you where you can need to go without having to worry, buying a Ford is a great choice.

5) Relatively Cheap Replacement Parts

If you do have an accident or something does happen with your Ford, it won’t usually cost you an arm and a leg either. Because Ford’s are so popular their parts are relatively cheap and easy to find. So if you do have to take your car in for a repair, it will cost you less and you won’t be waiting around nearly as long for the right part to come in.

6) The Sheer Variety

Because Ford’s are some of the world’s best selling cars, they come with so many more choices than other, smaller, brands. By buying a Ford you can make sure you get a car that is the right size, is in the right style, has your level of trim, and includes all the features you could want in car.

7) They’re Best Sellers

It’s a fact that Ford cars and trucks are some of the top selling vehicles in the entire world. The Ford Focus is was the best-selling car in the world in 2013, the Ford Fiesta was the 6th most sold car in the world in 2013, and the Ford F-150 is the best selling truck around the world all-time. That isn’t just a coincidence.

8) Award-Winners

One of the reason Ford cars and trucks sell so well is because they are continually winning awards every single year. Just this year the Ford F-150 has been named the Best Overall Truck Brand by Kelley Blue Book, and the Focus, Fiesta, and more are no strangers to awards season in the car world.

9) Eco-Friendliness

Increasing fuel efficiency is just one way Ford is committing to the environment. Thanks to the rollout of the all-electric Ford Focus, Ford now has the second largest fleet of hybrid vehicles in the country. So if you’re looking to go green yourself, buying a hybrid or an electric Ford vehicle is a solid option.

10) New Technology Features

Ford has also made significant improvements in the on-board technology features of its cars and trucks as well. Ford Sync® with MyFord Touch® lets you control your vehicles features hands-free just by using your voice. Also, more and more Fords are coming with integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems as well as Sync AppLink to allow you to use your smartphone or mobile device to control some of the features on your car.

There is a reason (or 10 reasons) that Ford is one of the best-selling and most well-known car manufacturers of all time, and why your next car should be a Ford. If you’re lucky enough to already own a Ford, bring it in for a complete car check up at Convoy Auto Repair today. We are experts at servicing Ford cars and trucks and our certified technicians have experience working on the entire Ford line from Fiesta to F-150.

Image: Pixabay via Mahal


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