• What New Year Resolutions Do You Have For Your Car?

    Monday 02 January 2017

    2017 is here! It is time to start getting together our list of New Year resolutions, and the team at Convoy Auto Repair thinks it is important not to forget about your vehicle. In case you are struggling to think of some resolutions related to auto repair, we have compiled a list of 7 New Year Resolutions:   Make sure your vehicle is running in optimal condition. Let’s kick the New Year off with a multi-point inspection at our auto repair shop. We will inspect your vehicle from bump... read more

  • Top Holiday Songs to Include On Your Trip to Grandma’s House

    Thursday 01 December 2016

      Are you planning a holiday road trip? If your answer is yes, then you are going to be needing some festive music to listen to. Before you on embark on your holiday adventure, take a look at the list of songs the team at Convoy Auto Repair has compiled for you. Here is a list of the top holiday songs to include on your trip to Grandma’s house:   All I want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey. Rockin around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee. Santa Claus is Coming to Town... read more

  • Is Your Vehicle Ready For the Holidays?

    Wednesday 09 November 2016

    The holidays usually means that you and your family will be hitting the road more frequently. Between the drives around town to purchase holiday items and attend holiday parties, to driving longer distances to visit loved ones, your vehicle is likely to have an uptick in mileage demands. Therefore, the big question is:  Is your vehicle ready for the holidays?   Here are the top five things your vehicle requires to be ready for the holiday season:   Tires that have a safe amoun... read more

  • Spark Plug Tips and Info for Maximum Engine Performance

    Tuesday 25 October 2016

    This week, we’d like to take a quick look at an aspect of your car that you might hear about frequently, but might not know that much about: spark plugs. These tiny wonders help to start the series of reactions that allows your engine to produce power in an efficient and smooth way. Thus, it’s important to make sure that your spark plugs are properly maintained. Read on to learn more info and spark plug tips! What Do Spark Plugs Do? Spark plugs have the task of igniting the vehicle... read more